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Forum » Bilgisayar » Oyunlar » 18 WHEELS OF STEEL: CONVOY
erdem7980 Tarih: Slı, 24-Kasım-2009, 21:24:49 | Mesaj # 1
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Release Info:

Sometimes 18 Wheels Just Ain't Enough!

Take the wheel of a fast paced, high intensity trucking business. Start as a one man show, bidding on jobs, then build your fleet into an unstoppable convoy and deliver the goods. Grow your business and your fleet, but beware - your reputation is everything.
10-4 Good Buddy. Bid on lucrative larger jobs and captain the convoys necessary to pull them off. But watch your back - the police are always looking to take a mighty convoy down!

Have fun playing the fourth truck sim game in the 18 Wheels of Steel series!

* Lock and load the big runs. There's power in numbers and your convoy's gonna rule the roadways.
* Feel the rumble of the road beneath the wheels of 35+ rigs and trailers.
* Haul asphalt through 40+ cities coast to coast and Canada.
* Bid on 45+ cargo types and prove you can handle the big jobs.
* Build your Convoy One Rig at a Time. Build your trucking empire from a single hauler to a vast network of big rigs criss-crossing North America.
* Take this Job and Love It! Comb the cargo docks, gas stations, highway motels and other meeting points to locate jobs and get yourself on the road.
* A Man's Only as Good as His Word. Build your reputation by getting the job done right. Bigger and better jobs wait for the trucker who gets'r done! Passing on the wrong job can get the competition on your tail and your name in the mud.


Mesajı Düzenleyen erdem7980 - Slı, 24-Kasım-2009, 21:27:00

hasan525 Tarih: Çar, 25-Kasım-2009, 10:38:44 | Mesaj # 2
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haulinmi önce çıktı pedal the metal mı
OzKn07 Tarih: Çar, 25-Kasım-2009, 11:42:11 | Mesaj # 3
Grup: Adminstrator
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haulinden önce çıktı

Forum » Bilgisayar » Oyunlar » 18 WHEELS OF STEEL: CONVOY
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